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NYU Impact 

Investment Fund

Applications are open for the 2024-2025 NIIF Course! 

Wagner application: due April 22nd

Stern application: applications due April 17th

Dedicated Students;

Researched Investments

Developed as a joint venture between the faculty and students of New York University's Stern, Wagner, and Law schools—the NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) leverages the diverse expertise of business, public service, and law faculty to support student investors targeting social enterprises in the sectors of financial inclusion, environment, healthcare, aging, education, and food systems.


We Invest
Faculty Experts in business, Law, and Social Impact
Support From NYU Stern, Wagner, and Law
A Commitment to Sustainable 
Social Finance
Diverse Student Investors
An Evergreen Fund Focused on high-impact social Returns

What We Do

NIIF students, with support from faculty and a formal Investment Committee, source, select, and diligence early-stage impact investments in targeted areas such as financial inclusion, environment, healthcare, aging, education, and food systems. The enterprises under consideration benefit from a dedicated due diligence process that sets them up for future fundraising success and, when approved for investments, receive capital and the boost of having an NYU Impact Investment Fund associated with them.

NIIF houses its capital within a donor-advised fund that executes NIIF’s investment decisions. Once realized, returns are reinvested into the fund in order to sustain and further its impact.


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For any inquiries, Please email us:
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