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In 2023, The NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) has successfully completed its fourth investment with a $30,000 investment in EdVisorly, which is an online platform that connects community college students with four-year universities to boost transfer success. Among students at community colleges, 80% say that they would like to transfer to a four-year university. However, only 31% transfer and 8% complete their bachelor's degree within six years. Through EdVisorly, community college students are able to identify transfer-friendly universities that align with their interests, map out their academic course schedules to meet their target school's transfer requirements, search for scholarships, and engage directly with university admissions offices. 



In 2022, The NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) has successfully completed its third investment with a $25,000 investment in KIGT, mission is to bring electric vehicle charging stations to underserved communities. KIGT recognized early on that the current levels of carbon emissions are unsustainable for human well-being. With the United States’ transportation sector being the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, the founders knew there needed to be a solution designed for the market. Their solution includes the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of Level 2 and DC Fast-Charging EV charging stations and software. Its business model has an intentional focus on affordability, training a BIPOC workforce, and accessibility. 


In 2020, The NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) has successfully completed its second investment with a $25,000 investment in SmartGurlz, whose mission  is to engage elementary school aged students, in particular girls who are currently underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), to learn skills in coding. SmartGurlz is a STEM education and entertainment company whose flagship product is a line of friendly, self-balancing robots and action figures that engage and encourage girls to learn code. Connected via smartphone or tablet, SmartGurlz allows girls 6 and up to immerse themselves in STEM. 

In 2019, NIIF successfully completed its first investment with a $30,000 investment in Sapient Industries,  whose mission is to eliminate waste from our electrical grid using machine learning. Sapient Industries have built the world's first Plug Load Management System, monitoring and controlling the power supplied to each and every device in a building. This ensemble of installed smart outlets and smart power strips is run by a cloud-based dashboard and data collected at each socket, and is used to generate behavioral models that automate efficient delivery of power to devices.  

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